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International Sujok Association (ISA) is Conducting International Seminar on "National Seminar on Twist Therapy & Sam Won Gong" in Chennai, India on 2018'September 27, 28, 29 and 30.

This will be an intensive Hands-on training course on clinical use of Twist Therapy. It is noteworthy that Health Ministry of Russian Federation has accepted Twist Therapy as an effective treatment modality for hypertension and has published special guidelines for using Twist Therapy in the treatment of arterial hypertension.

It is an important opportunity for one and all to learn the highly useful Twist Therapy and integrate it for added mileage in clinical practice. This four-day extensive program will include theory as well as practical sessions for easy understanding and implementation of Twist Therapy for diagnostics as well as treatment.



Dr. Darkova Marina has 30+ years of vast experience in the field of medicine and she is serving as the member of the ISA Committee, President of ISA Russia. She completed Pediatrics from University of Perm Russia, Intenship in Medicine on Reflexology. She achieved Gold level in SuJok therapy, Twist therapy, Sam Won Dong and Smile Meditation. She holds many Certifications in Alternative medicines with proven track record. She has given 100+ Seminars on Sujok Therapy & Twist Therapy across Europe, USA and Asia. She had a 16+ Years of Clinical Practice in Pediatrics, 25+ Years of Clinical Practice in SuJok.

The Venue

Asha Nivas,
No:9, Rutland Gate,
5th Street, Nungambakkam,
Chennai - 600 006.
For Registration: Ms.Chitra - +91 98847 33367 | Ms. Revathy - +91 98415 28899

Program Dates & Time

  • 27-Sep-2018 to 30-Sep-2018
  • Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Program Details

Twist Therapy Course (20 hours)


09:00AM to 10:30AM : SamWonGong

Introduction to 8 vertical energy lines, how to open energy lines, how to breathe, key-points of vertical lines, how to use it for treatment, full complex. of SamWonGong, express complex.

11:00AM to 01:30PM : Twist Therapy Theory
02:00PM to 05:00PM : Twist Therapy Practice

Day 1

Twist Therapy as unique method of activation of all layers and all elements of Spiral energy net system of the human body. Triorigin fundamental law as a main principle of organization and regulation in Twist Therapy. Indications and contraindications. Advantages. Triorigin classifications of Twist Therapy and Twist motions.

Physical Twist. Twist diagnostics: individual and formular types. Practice in the individual diagnostic : how to find direction, how to rich border lines of comfortable zone, how to find twist motion and angle of Twist, how to recognize if it's right, how to check results. Fixed Twist (Homo) of extremities and fingers (toys) in practice. Demonstration of efficiency. Elastic twist (Hetero). Indications for each one. Practice in small groups. Twist gymnastics (Neutro). Triorigin structure of spiral movements. First stage (Neuto).

Day 2

Formular Twist Therapy. Spin Twist Therapy. Role of the body position. Triorigin classifications of the body postures. How to choose posture for treatment. Additional characteristics of Twist Therapy. Tools for Twist Therapy. Twist towel. Elastic band. Twist massage (skintwist). Triorigin classifications. Indications. Advantages. Physical twist in correspondence systems.

Exercises in small groups in formular Twist diagnostic and therapy in different postures of the body. Training in Twist massage. Training in correspondence systems of hands (feet) and extremities. Practice in fixed and elastic twist of the central part of the body. Twist gymnastics, Hetero stage.

Day 3

Breathing twist, combination with the physical twist. Intended image twist. Advantages of the combined twist. Triorigin correspondence systems of the hand and body. Twist massage and Twist Therapy in Triorigin correspondence systems of internal organs, meridians, chacras and emotions. Twist Therapy of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, lower jaw, skull and hair.

Different types of breathing twist and combined twist in practice. Twist Therapy of internal organs, meridians, chacras, emotional disorders in Triorigin correspondence systems. Practice in Twist Therapy through peripheral parts of the body. Twist gymnastics – Homo and Neutro stages.

Day 4

Twist Therapy at the soul level. Twist Therapy of meridians. Twist Therapy for sleeping. Twist walking. Twist Therapy protocols for chronic deceases. Twist Therapy in emergency. Answers to the questions. Exam.

Twist Therapy of different deceases step-by-step. How to make protocol. Examples. Twist walking in practice. Twist gymnastics – full complex. Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto styles of gymnastics. Gymnastics for different parts of the body. Gymnastics in sitting and lying positions. Protocol for gymnastics.

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Fees ₹ 15,000 (Four Days Class + Lunch + Tea)

Contact: Ms.Chitra- +91 98847 33367 | Ms.Revathy - +91 98415 28899

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Twist Therapy?
    It is a Simple Method to Stay Healthy. It act as a preventive solution for the human to stay healthy. Twist therapy is a method of safe and easy body twist motions and postures that provides treatment effectiveness for disease as well as prophylaxis (preventative methods) of well being.
  2. How Twist Therapy works?
    Twist therapy methods are activating the human spiral energy system, the meridians of the spiral neutron energy network.
  3. What can be treated in Twist Therapy?
    Twist therapy is capable of treating acute pain as well as the chronic diseases. Even emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, sadness or fear can be alleviated by twisting motions of the neck and chest.
    • Head and Neck
    • Chest and Lower Body
    • Legs and Arms
    • Different parts of the body
  4. Why Twist Motions in Twist therapy are required?
    It keeps body in Comfort position and it will immediately alleviate the pain and discomfort The most comfortable twisting motions are the most effective. Uncomfortable positions of the body can lead to disease.
  5. Is that Twist Therapy difficult to do?
    NO, The simplest twisting positions are enough to activate the spiral energy network and bring the human body into a healthy state.
  6. Who can take Twist therapy?
    Twist therapy can do by any age group and any time. Its simple form of twist motions (exercise) aligning the body to keep remain in the healthy state.
  7. Twist therapy can be done only in Hospital/Clinic?
    NO, you can do it anywhere. Its a simple way of keep your body active and stay healty. No specific room or time required to do this. You can do it by in your daily day-today life.
  8. How long will take to perform the twisting methods?
    Hardly 2 to 3mins.
  9. Where i can learn/know twist therapy?
    International Sujok Association(ISA) conducting several programs on “Twist Therapy” across the globe. In 2018 “Twist Therapy” seminars happening in India between September 22 to October 9,2018 at Chennai, Kolkatta & Nagpur
  10. Twist Therapy hospital/treatment in Chennai?
    Koncpet Hospitals in chennai treating the “Twist Therapy” methods for people well being.